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Farm Guideai??i??s motto is self sufficiency. This is our driving principal and competitive advantage. We work as a non-profit entity and do not ask for explicit donations from individuals. Instead our focus is on self financing projects to support the entire operations of the organization on a no profit no loss basis as far as possible.

Our revenue generation streams are as follows:

  • Fertilizer sales
  • Fruit and Vegetable Export
  • Local trades
  • Investments
  • Home Incomes

The savings or additional revenues we generate, if any, after meeting the administrative cost are used mainly for charitable purposes and social welfare activities. We use our savings to extend financial assistance to other welfare agencies in the country as far as possible.

At Farm Guide since inception we had always tried to operate without any outside financial support from government or other national or international agencies. However in 1990 the Government of Pakistan started the registration of National level NPO/NGOs for enlisting them for participatory development efforts in the country.

We gladly offered our service and were duly registered and enrolled. A collaborative project was approved at an initial cost of 1.75 million in the first instance .It was highly successful. In the year 1990-93 Farm Guide was also approached by M/s Winrock International an agency of the USAID and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture for enlisting the services of Farm Guide for setting up planned village plantation through student volunteers in various parts of the country. A series of projects were sanctioned and such plantation established at about 80 different areas in the Punjab, KP. , Azad Kashmir and Sindh provinces. Similarly patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Affairs was also sought for the establishment of ai???Tree Beltsai??? around Industrial Towns in Punjab.

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