An estimated 130 million of the world's 15- to 24- year-olds cannot read or write. A large proportion of these youth live in Pakistan.

Farm Guide has put the highest priority on its literacy projects. The literacy program at our organization has been running since 1971. Our partner schools participate in this program on the tenet of ai??? Each one Teach oneai???


All individuals opting for this program are supplied with learning materials that we call ai???Pehla Qadamai??i?? (First Step) for reading and writing. These are provided free of cost by the participating teaching volunteers.

To make the literacy program more comprehensive and useful the First Step learning materials comprise of 1200 basic words of day-to-day vocabulary. Once this material is mastered and tested by volunteer examiners, an advanced set of learnings is utilized to take the education to the next level.

To enhance the capabilities to read and write further the Doosra Qadam (Second Step) has been compiled and published with a further 2000 words of elaborate vocabulary. After mastering the second step the new-literates acquire sufficient skill to read and write simple Urdu scripts. More often than not, we utilize children studying in schools to educate their parents, who barely know how to read or write.

To keep the momentum of the learning process ongoing, the so called new literates are then advised to read the fortnightly newspaper ai???Dehi Razaakaarai??i?? (Village Volunteer) which is published on a regular basis. In all the issues of this paper a lesson for the new literates is published to enable them to improve their reading capacity and technical know how. Simplest words are used to convey strong messages that enable them to enhance and modernize their farming practices.

Farm Guide has also leveraged ideas from the Literacy and Mass Education Commission (LAMEC) due to our founderai??i??s (Dr. Abdul Rahim Chawdhry) involvement with the government level programs success in winnings the NORMA award in early 1994-1995 whereby 110,000 student volunteers were engaged to spread literacy.


Farm Guideai??i??s services in this field of literacy and education in particular have always been appreciated and recognized not only in Pakistan but also by international agencies.

With distinction as recognition for our services rendered to the rural masses in the field of literacy we were awarded one of the most coveted prize of His Imperial Majesty Muhammad Reza Shah Pehlvi Medal by UNESCO in 1996. We were also awarded the unique Common Wealth Services Award in 1996-1997 including 20 silver medals for outstanding volunteers for various multi purpose welfare achievements. In 1994-95 in particular the Farm Guide launched a real big drive involving the student community in a big way.

However, these recognitions have little meaning if we do not celebrate the individuals that enable us to move forward with regards to our project and community development initiatives. All students, volunteers and the targeted individual are awarded certificates at the end of each cycle. The volunteers rendering outstanding services are also awarded commendation certificates and medals at the end of each cycle.


Do you like the sound of what we do? Drop Farm Guide an email at , look us up on Facebook or pick up your phone and give us a call. We need your help and your ideas to help rural communities! We believe in global volunteers, so it doesnai??i??t matter if you are not located in Pakistan.

In the IT industry there is a lot of vocalization regarding vce files the cost of IT training and continuing education pertaining to certifications. Some employers worry that additional training and certification will lead employees to seek new jobs and employees often wonder if the cost of these certifications are a worthwhile investment. The combination sy0-401 vce of misunderstood metrics and cost of training create a weird dynamic that sy0-401 dump cause both employees and employers to weigh the added value of these certifications.
The CompTIA A+ Certification is a good example CA1 001 dump illustrating this point. After January 1, 2011 CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certifications became valid for three years from the date of certification instead of life. The exam 220-901 dumps costs alone add up which isn’t so bad if you’re earning n10-006 vce higher wages because of the certifications. If you require additional training on top of that, well, now you’re looking at potentially thousands every three years. Both companies and individuals n10-006 comptia network certification start to wonder if the benefit pays off.
For IT professionals obtaining certification security+ vce is generally driven by the desire for a higher salary. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to earn more?
Well, here are some interesting facts that help put things in perspective…
The CompTIA A+ Certification has been the industry standard for measuring the knowledge cas-002 vce of an IT tech’s abilities in software and hardware. IT technicians who have certifications lx0-103 vce typically receive higher salaries with the majority achieving continued career advancement.
CompTIA Certification holders network+ braindump n10-006 as a rule have:
More career options
Obtain Higher Salaries
On average, certified professionals vce security+ make 5-15% than their non certified peers.
Are a perceived asset by employers
Instill confidence in employers
On the flip side, for many companies comptia network+ n10-006 vce IT certifications have been and still remain the standard by which they measure knowledge. Whether this is right, wrong, good or bad many companies actually require certifications for consideration. Unfortunately, IT training and certifications comptia exam are mis-understood by employers creating skewed bench marks which in turn devalue certifications.
CompTIA released a statement on Wednesday, April 11 2012 addressing the importance of educating 4itexam the employer to understand the pcnse7 dumps value of IT training and the benefit of hiring a skilled worker who would provide added value to the corporation. “We haven’t necessarily sold this to the employing world, that if they get a skilled person, it’s much better csqa for them long-term,” Erdle said. “And certification is a good metric of that.”
It is clear that IT certifications such as the CompTIA A+ Certification is an added benefit to any professional’s career. Perhaps, as CompTIA suggests, educating the employer to better understand the value of training will help more accurately assess the true value of the certification.