Trees are important as they add beauty to the world, provide shelter, suppress pollutants, cool their surroundings, reduce water evaporation, prevent soil erosion, blossom with fruits and most importantly mark the seasons.

Therefore it is no surprise that Farm Guideai??i??s premier Go-Green Project is the Tree Plantation Project.


Each school unit is encouraged to raise a plant nursery on its own where the various plant seeds are provided by Farm Guide free of cost.

The student volunteers, responsible for sowing the seeds, are also provided proper briefing for the planting and after care of the nursery plants.

The plants once ready are supplied to the participating students for planting them at the school premises or at the farm of a participating farmer of their own choice either as linear plantation along with the planned waterways, village paths or the field boundaries of their own or as a block.

The students then look after these plants for a year or so with the help and assistance of the participating farmers and other members of their respective families. If there may be any unforeseen loss of a plant, more plants are supplied to the volunteers in the following planting season to make up for the gap. Such planned plantations help in a big way to supplement the family farm income besides increasing the forest wealth and improving the environment.

While distributing the plants upon full growth the volunteers keep Farm Guide informed and submit a detailed list of beneficiaries.

The students participating in this useful drive are given participation certificates and the students rendering outstanding services are awarded shields.

The schools participating are also allowed to sell off such plants to farmers at reasonable prices for generating funds for critical school initiatives such as financially helping the poor students or improving the science education facilities at their respective schools.


The current project being planned for execution will have the following objectives:

Creating awareness in the rural and urban masses about environmental protection and preservation and natural resources through voluntary efforts.

Increasing the number of trees so that it will help in increasing production of timber and wood for wood based industries and will ensure availability of fuel wood to overcome household energy problems in the rural areas. Country will get more area under forest to make it self sufficient in forest wealth. Grown up trees will check atmospheric degradation and pollution around.

Farm Guide Student volunteers, farmers of the area, community of the project jurisdiction owning the plantation will continue to look after these to minimize mortality rate under the guidance of Farm Guide staff trained to establish green belts for environmental protection. Farm Guide will provide technical assistance for after care of the plants.

Each year 1,00,000 plants will be grown by planned plantation to increase the area under green trees as guard against atmospheric degradation and pollution.

500 student volunteers will get training in tree plantation so that they can enable common public to understand the importance of tree plantation.

Farmerai??i??s industrial units will get nursery plants at their door steps. Small farmers, industrial units and community people will be benefited. Agro based industry be promoted.


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Do you like the sound of what we do? Drop Farm Guide an email at , look us up on Facebook or pick up your phone and give us a call. We need your help and your ideas to help rural communities! We believe in global volunteers, so it doesnai??i??t matter if you are not located in Pakistan.
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