Farm Guide has more than forty years of experience of working in rural and sub urban communities in Pakistan.A�Founded in 1971, the organization impacts forty thousand rural farmers and their families.

We strive for rural development, social welfare, environment conservation and literacy in villages all over Pakistan. We believe that by capitalizing on education, by giving guidance and by providing the right opportunity we can shape the future of Pakistan. Our projects have a focus on self-sustainability, self-sufficiency, empowerment and most importantly transformation of rural communities through efficient farming practices.

With these beliefs instilled by our founder, Dr. A Rahim Chawdhry, our main area of focus is the mobilization of youth, education and the promotion of employment for rural farmers.

Our services rendered are not only recognized at national level in Pakistan but we also have the privilege of getting international recognition with the Youth Services Award by Common Wealth in 1997A�and theA�UNESCOA�Award in 1976. Furthermore, Farm Guide has the privilege to be the only NGOA�in Pakistan with a status similar to the internationally recognized Boy Scouts and the Girl Guide Movements. Globally we are also recognized by the Food And Agriculture Organization, UNESCO andA�UNICEF.

Farm Guide (also known as National Farm Guide) is registered with various departments ofA�government of Pakistan.A�We are proud with our track record of developmental projects with world-renowned institutes like the World Bank, and theA�Asian Development Bank.